• April 16, 2018

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As we get started let us highlight the difficulties a non native of any  language faces while putting up his thoughts and ideas on paper and how can those be resolved.

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“An Oar of vocabulary against the sea”. What does it imply…? Well, nothing but limited knowledge and use of words.-

How does one overcome it?

The trick here is tedious and full of toil; one has to cultivate the habit of reading.

The treasure of words books hold can be beautifully used if there is a hunger to outperform while writing any written examination. There is no substitute for this step.


[vc_column_text]Feeble grammar skills are a major turn off for any examiner while assessing you on your written answer. Grammar in any language is its spinal cord; likewise, its ignorance does take away those aimed bands for sure.

How could this be tackled?

Practically, to get hands-on with grammar one does need a teacher. A teacher who has the knowledge and can guide you and make your weakness as one of your strength.

Additionally, you can also purchase a few handbooks to practice it.



[vc_column_text]“My trip to Sri Lanka was just so relaxing, we had such a nice time, all my cousin were also there………” yeah you were confused for a moment right, how on earth the writer of this blog started to share his/her experience in the middle of writing lesson??? This is what exactly the examiners feel. When your ideas, facts, or statements are not in a line with the subjects or with each other. Poor cohesion and co-relation are the apex reasons for low bands in the writing assessment.

How to get it right?

So the idea is to answer every part of the question in an orderly manner.

Starting with the first things first and then linking it up with your next set of statements in a way where it appears to be valid or else simply forming next paragraph for every point or hinter. Time expressions play a vital role in it like initially, eventually, firstly secondly etc.




”Spelling police is here!!!” It goes without saying that how crucial correct spelling is in any language testing examination. Poor formation of words hampers the overall portrayal of the answer.

This is one of the weakest zones of many test takers.

How can we fix it?

Getting familiarized with the words which are quite probably is just going to help you avoid silly mistakes and shall boost your confidence while delivering the answer where you don’t have to bother of whether the spelling you came up with is correct or wrong.


The line: Drawings the line between a formal and informal approach in writing is as essential as any other aspect of writing that we have discussed above.

In fact, if this is messed up than all the work prior to it is in vain. The language of the question in itself clearly suggests the type of answer expected. Lack of understanding of the type question will mislead to an unfavorable answer dooming to a low bandwidth. However lucid or complicated the language of the question seems one should easily make out the difference between informal and formal ones

How to get hands-on with it???

Well, this is the simplest of all just by mere practice of a few times a test taker can successfully get clear hold of which kinds of words are used to put up a formal or informal question. Apart from the choice of words the clear indication to start the answer with an affixed title is also one of the keys. And while answering the question few handy expressions are boosters to take off the write up. Knowledge of the dos and don’ts while writing any of the text is a must and we train the students through the top IELTS Training Center in Dubai


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