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PTE or Pearson’s Test of English is owned by Pearson PLC group that is dedicated to assess and validate the English usage of candidates willing to study or work in countries that accept PTE as a proof of an individual’s communicative skills and proficiency in English. The PTE includes PTE Academic which is accepted by over 3000 universities across the globe including major universities such as the Oxford University, Harvard Business School and Yale University. It also includes PTE General which is accepted by the UK, Australian and New Zealand for work or migration purposes.

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PTE is a fully computerized test designed precisely to measure an individual’s proficiency in English. Anyone can attempt the Pearson’s Test of English. However, it is mainly intended either for those who are planning to work in Australia, New Zealand, the UK or for anyone willing to enroll in one of the several universities that accept PTE across.


PTE General

Unlike PTE Academic, PTE General is not computerized and is structured differently. It is split into two parts: a spoken interview and a written paper. The written paper includes the reading, listening and writing sections.

PTE Academic

PTE Academic is a fully computer-based English language test for speakers of other languages who wish to study abroad in a university that prioritizes English as the medium of communication. It tests the Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking skills of the candidates.

PTE Modules

The PTE Academic consists of a total of 20 question types to determine the candidate’s communicative skills in English in terms of Speaking and Writing which lasts for about 54 to 67 minutes, the Reading skills that last about 29 to 30 minutes followed by the listening skills for approximately 30 to 43 minutes.

However, the PTE General consists of two segments. A written test and a spoken interview.

Difference between PTE General and PTE Academic:

PTE GeneralPTE Academic
PurposeMigration to Australia or New ZealandTo apply for further studies in an English-speaking country.
ValidityLifelong2 Years
Test DatesFebruary, May, June, October, November, DecemberUsually every month: depends on the test centers
RegistrationThrough the test centersOnline
Duration1.5 to 3 hours3 hours
Format●     Spoken interview

●     Written Section for Listening, Reading and Writing

●     Speaking

●     Reading

●     Writing

●     Listening


PTE General and PTE Academic are scored differently.

PTE General has two parts: spoken and written. Both sections can give you a maximum of 100 score points: 20 for the speaking part and 80 points for the written component.

Written Part
Task NumberSkill TestedTask TypeItemsScore
OneListening3-option picture-based multiple choice816
TwoListeningMatch name to picture-based object714
ThreeReadingMatch question to answer510
FourReadingMatch revelation to picture510
FiveReadingMatch word to picture816
SixReading and writingFill gaps714
Total  4080
Spoken Part
SevenSpeakingQuestion and answerMinimum 210
EightSpeakingShort talk110
Total  Minimum 320
Total score   100

The maximum score in PTE Academic is 90 points. This score is based on the performance of all test items. In fact, your score depends on two factors:

  • Communicative skills: includes reading, writing, speaking, and listening. This test contributor’s score ranges from 10 to 90 points.
  • Enabling skills: includes pronunciation, oral fluency, grammar, spelling, and written discourse. These skills are assessed on your performance in all four sections. The maximum score is 90 points.
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