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ACT (American College Testing) is a Standardized Eligibility Test conducted for students willing to join colleges/universities in the USA and in other countries where ACT is accepted. At Knowledge Point, we offer the best ACT exam classes. The mark secured by the students in this test helps to evaluate their academic potential. It also acts as a tool to decide whether they are eligible to get admission to the University. In addition,  ACT exams come in both paper-based as well as computer-based tests formats. ACT exams aim to focus on the skill set of the students generally in English, Math, Reading and Science sections. Moreover, ACT also offers an optional writing section to the students.

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Exam Format:

The ACT exam consists of four sections which include

  • English Section: English section comprises five passages with 15 questions to solve for each. The test aims to evaluate the grammar knowledge of the students.
  • Math Section: The math section covers Algebra, Coordinate geometry, Elementary Trigonometry, Reasoning, Problem-solving based questions. All math questions come in the order of difficulty, medium and easy.
  • Reading Section: The reading section has four subsections that include passages from prose, fiction, social science, humanities and natural science genres. Add a few more details about this section.
  • Science Section: This section consists of seven passages. The passage questions generally have charts, graphs and tables. However, the main aim of this section is to test the evaluation, reasoning, problem-solving and analytical skills of the student.
  • Writing Section (Optional): The writing section is optional; therefore, it does not affect the final score. Students will get a passage that has three different viewpoints. They have to analyse all the pointers given and compare their pros and cons. Finally, proceed to offer their viewpoints.

ACT Exam schedule:

  • English section: 45 minutes with 75 multiple-choice questions.
  • Math section: 60 minutes with 60 multiple-choice questions.
  • Reading section: 40 multiple-choice questions with a duration of 35 minutes.
  • Science section: 35 minutes with 40 multiple-choice questions.
  • Writing section (optional): 40 minutes with one essay question.

The duration of the ACT exam is around 2 hours and 55 minutes without the essay. However, one can take 3 hours 35 minutes with the essay. Also, a short break is available after the second test for the students.

Why choose us for ACT Exam preparation?

Knowledge Point is one of the leading institutes for students to prepare for the Exam Preparation Courses such as the ACT, SAT. Here are the best highlights as to; why you should choose us as your training institute for ACT exam classes. At Knowledge Point, we offer ACT prep courses, both online and offline. Moreover, we also provide student-centered training in each batch to concentrate on the techniques and tips. Our center also offers customized ACT prep courses based on each student requirements.

Top reasons why we are the best institute for ACT exam preparation training classes

  •  We also offer customized resources and materials to grasp the strategies and techniques.
  •  Experienced ACT Trainer for English and Mathematics.
  •  Mock Exams to practice.
  •  Recordings of the ACT exam classes.
  •  Experienced Instructors to teach strategies and techniques.
  •  More Diagnostic Tests
  •  A flexible schedule as per student’s time availability.
  •  Online classes as well as classroom modes of training.
  •  We assist in booking the exams.

ACT Course details

  •  Total duration: 40 hours (28 hours Instruction + 12 hours Testing)
  •  Number of Classes: 14 Classes
  •  Class Duration: 2 hours
  •  Mock Exams: 4 Practice Tests

Available ACT Prep Options

I. ACT class Group Training
  1. Minimum of 5-6 Students
  2. 58 hours of training
  3. Customized study materials
  4. Access to online classes
II. ACT class Small Group Course
  1. Minimum of 3-5 Students
  2. 30 hours of training
  3. Customized study materials
  4. Access to online classes
III. ACT exam Private (one-on-one) Training
  1. 20 hours of training
  2. Customized study materials
  3. Access to online classes
  4. Mock Exams

Frequently Asked Questions: ACT Exam details

Students who wish to enroll into prestigious colleges or universities or want to continue their Undergraduate higher education can pursue the ACT exam. Also, individuals who wish to apply for scholarship opportunities can also enroll in ACT’s training classes.

The ACT exam happens seven times in a year during February, April, June, July, September, October and December. Therefore, you can choose a time that is convenient for you.

High school students should start preparing for the ACT exams during the winter or summer holidays. Also, during these times, students will have abundant time to practice for the ACT exam without any distractions.

The best way to prepare for the ACT exam is to plan out a detailed timetable and plan of action. However, students need to understand how the ACT exam works as well as its format. This will allow them to prepare better. Moreover, students can concentrate on their weaker areas according to their timetable and exam strategies. Students can also organize mock tests. This helps students get accustomed to taking tests under timed conditions which is beneficial for all students as it makes them more comfortable while taking exams in real.

When it comes to the ACT exam, a score of 24/ 36 which is equivalent to gaining; 75%, is considered above average and can help the students get into some good colleges and universities.

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