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Have you been searching for First Aid training? Looking to enhance your knowledge for first aid training courses or learn the basics about First Aid and its significance? Receive a first aid certificate, Dubai after the completion of the course.

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Basic First Aid & CPR - First Aid Certificate, Dubai.

Course Name Basic First Aid & CPR

Course Language English - Arabic - Urdu
Course Duration
Training Hours : One day
Training Days : Flexible schedule

First Aid is a worldwide leader in CPR/AED and first aid emergency care training programs for business, industry, and the public.

First Aid training programs have been used to teach and certify emergency care and first aid providers in business, general industry, and the public since 1978. This training is very interactive with instructor and student demonstrations. Students are given comprehensive step by step training on specific first aid applications.

This extremely flexible program meets OSHA and other federal and state regulatory requirements for training employees how to respond and care for medical emergencies at work.

This course is suitable for all individuals. Students are evaluated through Instructor observation of the reasonable performance of skills. Performance and written evaluations are available and optional for use.

Course Objectives

By the end of the class, the students will be able to learn and identify the following:

  • Emergency First Aid Care
  • Recognising an Emergency
  • Deciding to Help
  • Personal Safety
  • Using Barriers
  • Assessing for Response
  • Mechanism for Spinal Injury
  • Activating Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
  • Basic Life-Supporting Skills
  • Airway-Head-Tilt, Chin-Lift
  • Clearing the airway – Long Roll
  • Protecting the Airway – Recovery Position
  • Breathing – Ventilation Mask
  • Breathing – Ventilation Shield
  • Circulation – Chest Compression
  • Initial Assessment
  • Unresponsive Patient
  • CPR for Cardiac Arrest
  • Bare, Prepare, and Place Pads
  • Troubleshooting Messages
  • Control of Bleeding
  • Managing Shock
  • Foreign Body Airway Obstruction
  • Ongoing Assessment
  • Warning Signs of Serious Illness
  • Mechanism for Significant Injury
  • Specific First Aid Problems
  • Moving Patients
  • Emotional Impact of Providing First Aid Care

What actually does AED do?

It is a small portable electronic device that automatically assesses the need for defibrillation. It is done to stabilize the heartbeat of a person. What we provide is the knowledge, training and certification usage of AED to help people.

  • CPR TRAINING: CPR includes training an individual to act upon seeing a cardiac arrest of a person. This includes chest compression to maintain ventilation and sometimes providing external ventilation to ensure the functioning of the brain. CPR is given in emergency until further measures can be taken to improve and stabilize blood flow in the body.

How do we help in providing CPR drill? Having knowledge of CPR training is useful in our daily life. The main objective of CPR is to delay tissue death and open a small window for stopping the chance of permanent brain damage. Always know that CPR should not be performed without professional training or guidance. This training and guidance will be provided by the Best Institute– Knowledge Point. Don’t wait to help the world. Help save a patient when in need by learning proper First Aid training with us. Fill the form now!

You can acquire this crucial knowledge about CPR training at the best training institute. Don’t wait. Quickly apply for First aid training because you never know when you might need it. First aid training course is a specialized training taught to help a person in assisting someone who has suffered an injury or illness. It is a basic medical training given to every individual who wants to be a part and continuously be associated with the medical field. Our first aid training center is one of the best training institutes as recommended by our Alumni.

Every trainee from our institute possesses three important qualities:
  •      Best in class knowledge
  •      Good soft skills
  •      Decision-making power

Every first aid training institute provides this course but what we provide is distinct in itself. We don’t just provide basic theoretical course knowledge but we also teach two different practical skill sets under this course: AED DEFIBRILLATOR TRAINING: Used when a person has a sudden cardiac arrest, this machine was invented in mid-1960s by Frank Pantridge. Automated External Defibrillator (or AED) is designed in such a way that even a layman using this advanced machine can help a person in need easily. It does so with the help of sound and visuals and helps you treat adults and kids. Earlier the machine was manual but with technology advancement, the process has become really simple.

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