Medical Transcription

Medical transcription is a fast-growing field that is very popular among home-based workers. As with any other profession, certain requirements must be met in order to secure a job as an MT. requirements include specific skills and abilities, and educational and training requirements.

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Medical Transcription

Did you know that in 2010-11, U.S. outlook for job published that growth of demand of medical transcriptionist is a going to increase at 11%. Just imagine the growth scope in the world!

Medical transcription is a profession where professionals hear the recordings and transcribe voice-recorded medical reports by the doctor. Reports can be in different forms like voice recorded, notes written down, or spoken material. Demand for people who are highly trained and certified as Medical Transcriptionists is growing.

People in this profession have an advantage of working with flexibility. They can work from home or they can work at flexible hours. There might not be a designated workspace compulsorily but your skillset will definitely play an important role.

These are 5 basic skill set every medical transcriptionist needs
  • Good command over language: When you are listening to the recording and writing it down then you should be able to understand what the other person is speaking. Understanding and interpreting in a simple and easy to understand language is a must. We help you develop this skill to help you become a good MT.
  • Grammar: Grammar plays a major role when writing anything. If you are not able to follow the grammar rules then when what you write and what it means would differ completely.
  • Ability to work under pressure: When you are listening to an audio clip and writing the notes down, you are under a lot of pressure. Pressure to complete the work correctly and efficiently. If there’s a tiny mistake in interpreting the report it could prove dangerous for both, the patient and the doctor.
  • Good technological know-how: You should be able to type or write fast when listening to an audio clip. If you aren’t aware about how to type fast on a computer then you need to work on your typing skills or develop it. Using technology can be difficult sometimes. You should be well aware about which technology to use to reduce workload and in which manner.
  • Technical understanding: When working in the medical industry, you should be updated with new technologies and terms every day. As we have evolved so has our diseases and problems. When you are listening to new words or terminology, you should be able to interpret and explain it correctly. Why? Because only then they will hire you – for your proficient skills and knowledge.
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