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What is SAT Test?

SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) is a Standardized Eligibility Test conducted for students who wish to join colleges/universities in the USA and other countries. The mark secured by the students in this test determines their academic potential and whether they are eligible to get into the University admissions. SAT is a paper-based, as well as computer-delivered test. In addition, it mainly focuses on the skill set of the students. The best part of the SAT is that it measures how well a student can think and perform in a realistic situation. SAT is administered 5 times a year for international students and 6 times for Domestic students of the USA. The test happens usually during the months of March, May, August (September), October, and December.

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Exam Model

The SAT Test consists of four sections which include,

Reading section:

In the reading section, the students will be reading passages and will be answering the questions asked. The passage questions will be about history, social studies, science and humanities in general..

Writing and Language section

In this section, the students will be asked to improve the passages which include correcting the grammatical errors and punctuations.

Math section (with and without a calculator)

The math section covers a range of math practices, with emphasis on problem-solving, modelling, using tools strategically, and algebraic structure. online training

Exam duration:

  • Reading section: 65 minutes with 52 questions.
  • Writing and Language section: 35 minutes with 44 questions.
  • Math section: 80 minutes with 58 questions

The total duration of the SAT exam is 230 minutes for exams with essays and 154 minutes for exams that have one optional essay question.

Why choose us for SAT exam Preparation classes ?

Knowledge Point is one of the leading institutes for students to prepare for the Exam Preparation Courses. If you ask as to why you should choose us, then here are the reasons listed out for you. At Knowledge Point, we offer SAT prep courses both online and offline and have student-centred training in each batch. Moreover, we concentrate mainly on the techniques and tips. We also offer customized SAT prep courses based on the students’ requirements.

Our SAT course highlights

  • We offer customized resources and materials which help students to grasp the strategies and techniques easily
  • Experienced SAT Trainer for English and Mathematics
  • Mock Exams to practice
  • Provide recordings of the class
  • Experienced Instructors to teach strategies and techniques
  • More Diagnostic Tests
  • A flexible schedule as per student’s time availability
  • Online classes as well as classroom modes of training
  • We also assist in booking the exam

Course Details

  • Total duration: 58 hours (28 hrs Instruction + 30 hrs Testing)
  • Number of Classes: 14 Classes (7 classes of English, 7 classes of Math )
  • Class Duration: 2 hours
  • Mock Exams: 10 Practice Tests.
SAT Small group
  • Course Minimum of 3-5 Students
  • 30 hours of training
  • Customized study materials
  • Access to online classes
SAT Group Training
  • Minimum of 6-8 Students
  • 58 hours of training
  • Customized study materials
  • Access to online classes
SAT Private (one-on-one) Training
  • 20 hours of training
  • Customized study materials
  • Access to online classes
  • Mock Exams

Frequently Asked Questions: Sat Exam Preparation

Students in 10 and 11 grades generally appear for the SAT exam. But the SAT exam has no such eligibility criteria. Anyone willing to take up the exam and test their knowledge can apply for it.

The SAT exam is conducted five times a year. That is in March, May, August, October and December. Preparing early for the SAT exam will give the students enough time to practice and try out sample question papers. The students can prepare for the exams happening in August, October and December. Because during that time they usually would have enough holidays and time to prepare well for the exam.

SAT preparation is all about strategies and techniques for taking the SAT Exam. so it’s important to make sure that the student learns the tips and tricks from all angles. The best way to prepare for the SAT is by setting a schedule and sticking to it as closely as possible so that you learn and practice all of the available questions and work on those subjects where he/she needs more assistance. This means not only doing sample questions under timed conditions but also evaluating those answers and checking your progress regularly. It’s best to break down your studying into daily and weekly habits that will help you familiarize yourself with the test and its topics. Try taking a real SAT paper by setting a timer to help you get used to answering questions in time and check on your progress regularly.

A score of 1100/ 1600 is considered above average will help the students apply to most of the colleges and universities in the nation. But a score of 1500/1600 and above is considered exceptional which gives you the freedom to apply for any college you want.

One of the best things about SAT is that they are considered for scholarships. And as compared to other entrance exams, the exam fee is not that high. Most of the colleges in the USA requires  SAT for Undergraduate.

Advantages of SAT Classes

Preparing for the SAT exam helps improve your English reading and writing skills.  Our SAT classes can help in achieving your desired scores to get admissions into College and Universities. 

Our SAT coaching helps in improving your Mathematical skills in terms of Arithmetic, Algebra, Problem Solving , Geometry, and other advanced math. 

Our classes take the preparation tests regularly to familiarise you with the type of questions expected, enhancing your time management and critical thinking skills. 

The SAT coaching institute such as Knowledge Point Institute  will prepare you for the test, thereby grooming your test taking strategies.  Our training will make it easy for you to score better.

Scope of SAT

The exam is accepted by most colleges in the USA. Eligible candidates also get a fee waiver scheme. They get free information about admissions and financial aid from the colleges, as well as about several scholarship programs. This shows how important it is to ace your exam by enrolling in our SAT classes in Dubai.

With constant response and feedback from trainers and coaches, students can improve their knowledge and skills, both oral and verbal. 

SAT enables the international colleges to come with scholarships as well as grants that could help students in pursuing higher education. Therefore, it is important to prepare well for the SAT exam. If you wish to know more about the SAT exam and how it can benefit your career, get in touch with Knowledge Point, a leading SAT coaching institute, and we will address all your queries and concerns.

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