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EmSAT, Emirates Standardized Test is a National System of standardized computer-based tests. It is conducted for grade 12 students willing to join a college/university in the United Arab Emirates. The main motive of this test is to assess students’ skills and knowledge in the area of interest for higher studies in the subjects they would like to choose for their higher education. Therefore, we aim to help such students achieve their dreams. We are the leading training institute that offers excellent EmSAT course preparation classes both offline and online.

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Exam Model: EmSAT course preparation

EmSAT has sections that measure the knowledge and skills in various subjects. The subjects include Arabic, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The Score of EmSAT determines chances of admission into colleges or Universities in UAE. Therefore, we offer custom-made sessions for our students. In addition, these sessions comprise lessons from Arabic, English, Mathematics, Physics, Biology as well as Chemistry.

Arabic section:

The Arabic section comprises 90 questions, focusing on areas such as Classical Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic, Reading Comprehension, and Grammar. The question formats include Multiple Choice, Fill-in-the-Blanks, and Drag and Drop. Additionally, there are passages for reading comprehension and sentence structuring exercises. This section aims to test the proficiency and understanding of the Arabic language up to an advanced level.

English section:

The English section has 110 questions, including one essay (250 words) and the section concentrates on topics such as Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, and Writing. However, the questions are more of Multiple Choice, Fill-in-the-Blanks, Drag and Drop, Essay, Reading, and Sentence Reordering. 

Math section:

The Math section has 60 objective questions. which include Multi-select, Fill-in-the-Blank, and Drag and Drop. The questions in this section are multiple-choice questions, Multi-select, Fill-in-the-Blank, and Drag and Drop Based questions. The topics for the exam are Algebra, Arithmetic, geometry and other math topics of grade 12.

Chemistry section:

The Chemistry section has 50 questions and the topics for the exam include Matter and its properties, Energy, force, and conservation. And the question type would be Multiple Choice, Multi-select, Fill-in-the-Blank, and Drag and Drop. 

Physics section:

The Physics section has 80 questions. The questions concentrate on topics Physics Fundamentals, Energy and Conservation, Force and Motion. Also, the questions are multiple choice-based questions and moreover, students are allowed to use calculators in the exam when needed.  

Biology section:

There are 80 questions in this section and the questions are multiple-choice questions. The topics for the exam are Molecules to living organisms: Structure and function, Heredity and genetic technology, Evolution and Diversity of Life and Ecology: Interdependence, energy, and dynamics. We help you give your best with our highly result-oriented EmSAT course preparation classes.

EmSAT TestEmSAT Test Syllabus
EmSAT Achieve English TestGrammar, Vocabulary, Reading, and Writing, including one essay (200-250 words) 
EmSAT Achieve Math test1. Algebra
2. Geometry
3. Statistics
EmSAT Achieve Physics1. Mechanics
2. Waves and Optics
3. Thermal Physics and Thermodynamics.
4. Electricity and Magnetism.
5. Modern Physics.
EmSAT Achieve ChemistryMatter,
Chemical Reactions,
Hydrocarbons, and its Derivatives,
Analytical and Nuclear Chemistry
EmSAT Achieve Biology1. From molecules to living organisms: Structure and function
2. Heredity and genetic technology
3. Evolution and Diversity of Life
4. Ecology: Interdependence, energy, and dynamics
EmSAT Achieve Computer Science
Computer Science-Java
Section 1: Computer Science Theory
Section 2: Problem Solving and Programming
1. Computing Systems
and Networks
2. Data Analysis
3. Impacts of Computing
4. Algorithms and
Programming – Java
Computer Science-Python
Computer Science-C++

Why Choose us for EmSAT course preparation ?

Knowledge Point is one of the leading institutes  for students to prepare for the Exam Preparation Courses. If you ask why you should choose us, then here are the reasons listed out for you. Moreover, at Knowledge Point, we offer EmSAT prep courses both online and offline. Our centre offers student-centred training for each batch to concentrate on the techniques and tips. In addition, we also offer customized EmSAT prep courses based on the students’ requirements.

  1. We offer customized resources and materials to grasp the strategies and techniques easily.
  2. Experienced EmSAT Trainer for English and Mathematics.
  3. Mock Exams to practice.
  4. Recordings of the class.
  5. Experienced Instructors to teach strategies and techniques.
  6. More Diagnostic Tests
  7. A flexible schedule as per student’s time availability.
  8. Online classes as well as classroom modes of training.
  9. We assist in booking the exams

EmSAT course preparation details

  • Total duration: 15 hours for each class
  • Number of Classes: 10 Classes Twice per week/subject
  • Class Duration: 1.5 hours per class

Available Training Options

  • Individual One-On-One Training.
  • Access to online virtual students

EmSAT exam strategies to prepare for the exam.

  • High-quality English writing, Grammar, Maths & Vocabulary training.
  • Great Essay Writing Training.
  • Grammatical knowledge.
  • Revamping concepts of the subjects studied at school.

Our institute helps students to pass exams easily with our coaching methods.


Benefits of EmSAT


When you do EmSAT exam practice, it improves your chances of getting admission to any reputed university or college in the UAE. 

Analyse skills

The exam enables you to analyse your skills and knowledge in the area of your interest when you pursue higher studies.

Insight on exam

EmSAT exam training institute Dubai can give you an insight how to approach the exam and score better by learning the tips and techniques.

Alternative test

EmSAT is an alternative test for higher education entrance tests. Preparing for it from a reputed institute such as ours can help improve your chances of clearing the test with flying colours.

Best Way to Prepare for EmSAT

Decide the subject

One of the first things to do is decide which subject you wish to take. 


The next step is to understand the guidelines, which can help in cracking the test. EmSAT exam practice can help in understanding the nuances of the test.


Attending EmSAT exam training institute Dubai can help with thorough preparations for the test. The research resources can further help in understanding and cracking the test. 


Learning and solving more and more past exam papers  on your own and in classes can help to understand the types of questions asked in the exam. Start solving past sample papers for better practice and understanding of the questions and patterns.

Advance preparation

You should begin preparing for the EmSAT test at least 1-2 months before the exam so that you get enough time for practice.

For more information on how Knowledge Point, a leading EmSAT exam training institute Dubai, can help with your EmSAT exam, connect with us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

EmSAT is for students applying for under graduation in college or any other higher educational institution after high school. Also, students who are unable to clear the grade 12 and looking for admission into college, can do the EmSAT exam. This will help them get admission into the university. EmSAT exam score plays an important role in getting admissions and also clearing the Grade 12. Hence it is called Achieve Grade 12 and Achieve 12.

There’s no pass or fail score in EmSAT. It is conducted to test the skills set of the students. However, the average score of the EmSAT exam is 1250/1600. In addition, some universities expect a minimum passing score from the students to provide college admissions.

The EmSAT exam is a computer-based exam divided into 5 sections. It includes English, Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Biology sections.

The EmSAT exam occurs all around the year. There is a minimal time interval between the exams. Therefore, a student who is willing to attend the exam can choose any month they would be comfortable. You can start preparing accordingly or contact us for support.

  • English section: 125 minutes with 110 questions.
  • Math section: 120 minutes with 60 questions.
  • Chemistry section: 90 minutes with 50 questions.
  • Physics section: 90 minutes with 80 questions.
  • Biology section: 90 minutes with 80 questions.
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