• May 14, 2018

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]IELTS Training Institute in Dubai on Speaking is the predominantly the weakest part for any non native yet aspiring speaker of any language. Subconsciously speaking becomes the first skill a learner starts polishing. [/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”33px”][vc_column_text]

If one is trying to learn any new language, the most common reason is to achieve fluent communication. A sound speech is not only looked for in communication but also serves as an important pillar in internationally recognized language testing formats.

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IELTS being the most sought after language testing benchmark worldwide, includes an entire module dedicated only to speaking  and getting a desirable band is a boon, which we being the best IELTS training institute state as stepping stone in any one’s career.

Have you ever come across a person who has great potential in terms of expressing their ideas in writing but they lag in expressing the same in speech? Well, they are the ones precisely who score 7 plus bands in other modules on the IELTS but doom their band in speaking module.



[vc_column_text]We were the best training institute in Dubai can assist you to improve in order to score better bands by inculcating below-mentioned tips in our dialogues and speeches.


The four components

In the speaking module on the IELTS, the examinee is supposed to be able to communicate effectively, when we say effective communication it implies correct usage of vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and fluency. Needless to say that on the IELTS the examinee is assessed equally on all these four components. Hence it is advisable to work and excel on all the aforesaid, without ignoring any of it.

Let it flow

As far as the examinee is not beating around the bush and is taking care of the prior point, the length of the talk will boost the scoring. Having said that one should showcase his skills by using transitional words and advanced choice of words. Nothing is worse than having a monotone impact on the examiner. Cover different tenses and models to highlight the grammar knowledge.

A test is too short for the same menu

More often than not how much ever the potential speaker one must be, but it the most common mistake examinees tend to make on the IELTS, repetition of the words, tenses, and sometimes the keywords are exhausted like fossils. This can easily make an image of the restricted use of the language, which is not what you would want to appear as hence repetition is what should be kept away. In case if required convey the same message but with the different set of words so that it doesn’t come across boring and stale.

Pace and peace

In order to score well, just like all the above points it is must be kept in mind that the pitch and pace should be at ease. It is vital that we inculcate the habit of speaking at a comfortable pace. Don’t be slow or run over your words. Failing to time yourself with it shall bring add-on scores. A healthy pause is advisable since it gives the IELTS examiner to ask you questions and divert from the existing one. Also, excessive talk on one point shall make you run out of your ideas and enthusiasm.

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