• October 23, 2017

To be fluent in any language one needs to have the best of all the skills. Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. In this blog will only discuss about listening. One of the primary senses we are blessed with is the ability to hear. And at every level of learning in our IELTS Training Center in Dubai, UAE “Listening” is one of the greatest challenges a learner faces; which if met with diligence may turn out to be the greatest asset.

There are various approaches to enhance the aforesaid skill but we will bring the most achievable and fruitful ones to you.

Firstly when trying to learn a new language just focus on mere listening without exerting any attention to understand what has been said. By only following this after some time you will have a hold of the Language’s pronunciation, sight words recognition, and familiarity with basic verb set. This is what children do. They do not know any language by birth, but with the passage of time, they start listening and absorbing words and their meaning with gestures and actions enacted in front of them. This is practicable for all levels for learners; but a must for false beginners

Secondly, allow yourself to explore the speech or dialogue. Engage yourself with it, by asking relevant and related questions. By doing so, one not only holds his attention span but also gets equipped to absorb the instant information provided, which is a pre-requisite to pull off a decent length of the conversation. It is a must a necessity for pre-intermediates.

Thirdly, allocate yourself with some home time practice, in which you will hear the speakers say audio and you try to put the same in writing. After trying your best you can go back to the audio doing so and listen to each word and put the missing words and learn it. This exercise is must for upper intermediates; others can give an attempt to assess their level of understanding.

Fourthly, a person can be able to do this particular drill only if he has become proficient enough with the prior three. In this you should watch Kid’s Songs, Silly Comedy, Simple Drama, Action Movie, Drama and Dark Comedy preferably without subtitles. Let the order be the same or because it will help you understand every bit in a complicit pace. All who aim to achieve perfection should habituate with it.

Tips and Tricks:

It is said that human optimizes his one sense better if the other is put off either naturally or purposefully. In the line of the same, one should close his eyes in order to help his hearing ability to optimize, at least at the initial stage of IELTS Training in Dubai student should practice in this manner.

While doing all the practice as discussed above watch out for words like never, always,  most, best, should, and very. All these words emphasize some important information which is going to be said. Most of these words are used in day to day conversation adding important information to the context.