• January 4, 2022

GMAT stands for the graduate management admission test that has been designed to evaluate the knowledge, skills and talent of the students aspiring to achieve a business management degree. Higher GMAT scores make the students eligible to get admissions to reputed colleges. The test has been structured into four main components as Analytical Writing Assessment, Integration Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning. Analytical writing assessment has been designed to measure the thinking capability of the candidates and their approach in communicating their ideas. Integrated reasoning consists of data interpretation, information evaluation and determination of the exact meaning of the information provided in multiple forms. Quantitative reasoning has been designed to analyse a student’s ability to analyse numerical data and draw conclusions based on it. GMAT Verbal reasoning comprises of reading, writing, evaluating statements, arguments and others. The total time required to complete the test is 3.5 hours. GMAT online exam is a computer adaptive test that has been designed in such a way that if a student answers the first question correctly then the difficulty level of the next question increases through computation. The increase in difficulty level goes on till the completion of the test. Additionally, in GMAT exam students cannot alter, delete, skip or change their answers of the previous questions as the computer has designed the next question paper depending upon the previous answers

Why GMAT is considered to be admission criteria for Admission into MBA?

More than 2100 Universities and educational institutions use GMAT exam scores for the admission process. The test has been carried on for 60 long years and it consists of peer-reviewed research. Various knowledgeable faculty in the management programs have developed GMAT through extensive collaboration. The exam is computer-adaptive and has a free way of checking the skills and knowledge of the candidates. The GMAT test is considered one of the most secure tests due to its advanced identification procedures and standardized test administration conditions. The questions are designed by the computer in such a way that they cannot be memorized or shared by students to other candidates. GMAT is considered admission criteria for MBA as it is the first exam and the standardized one designed for MBA Admissions. The exam has set a higher standard to predict the academic intelligibility skills knowledge and talent of the students. The GMAT test syllabus has been designed in such a way that the higher education skills and professional skills are evaluated through the test. Student Aspiring for a business management program needs to have a professional approach which is checked in the GMAT exam. Hence GMAT entrance exam test score is considered for admission in the business management program.

Why Business Schools consider GMAT is one of the top most eligibility tests for Admission?

GMAT is considered as one of the topmost eligibility tests for admissions for Business Management Programs due to its syllabus, reputation, higher standards and legacy of the GMAT exam. The GMAT syllabus has been designed in such a way that the candidates reach their complete potential of problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, data interpretation and others. The complexity of questions increases question by question to have a deeper insight into the candidate’s knowledge. GMAT test evaluates the professional skills of the candidates due to which management and banking firms also consider GMAT score as a top priority. According to the senior director of product management at Graduate Management Admission Council, Vineet Chhabra, GMAT has been designed to value the skills of the candidates that are considered to be the most relevant for the business schools. The test checks the approach of knowledge application of the students while solving problems faced by individuals in business. 

Which are the Top universities accepting GMAT Score and What Score?

Institution  GMAT Score
Stanford University 730
University of Pennsylvania 720
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 719
Harvard University 729
HEC Paris 691
London Business School 705
The University of British Columbia 652
IE Business School 700
University of California Berkeley, Haas 729
University of Chicago, Booth 725
IESE Business School 685
Esade Business School 672
Northwestern University (Kellogg) 729
University of California, Los Angeles 705
University of Oxford (Said) 682
University of Cambridge (Judge) 690
Yale University 719
New York University 685
University of Michigan 712


How students prepare for the GMAT Exam?

Students need to start the GMAT preparations at least six months before the test. Every subject has to be studied for a specific time frame so that every question and aspect of it can be studied well. Additionally, the students must manage their time efficiently to complete every question within 50-55 seconds. Time management is extremely important for the students as it lets them give more time to difficult questions. GMAC provides GMAT test samples and free GMAT practice tests. Students must practice these tests within the allotted time to gain higher scores in the exam. Solving numerous practice tests will help the candidates to score well and study every type of question.  

How KPI is helping students to clear the Exam?

Knowledge Point Institute is a leading coaching class in Dubai that has been preparing thousands of students for their career growth opportunities. We provide students best amenities and places to study at our centre to motivate them to study well. It boosts their confidence level and also fills up positive energy. We have a trained and experienced staff to provide GMAT training. Every section in the exam is given dedicated time and effort by the faculty to make the students firm to face the GMAT challenge. Knowledge Point Institute provides numerous and exhausting GMAT practice exams to the students to tian them for every possible question. We have special training to address every type of difficulty level in the exam. Additionally, we provide our students’ optional learning methods such as GMAT online and offline coaching. This has been an effective strategy to beat the pandemic challenge and focus on studies. Students prefer Knowledge Point Institute due to the outstanding support and training for the GMAT exam. Knowledge Point Institute aims to provide excellent training to the students in Dubai to score higher ranks in the GMAT exam 2021. The course will be designed according to the GMAT exam dates.