• January 4, 2022

GRE stands for General Record Testing that was established by Educational Testing Services (ETS) in 1936 by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. GRE test has been designed for the students that aspire to pursue their Master’s degree in foreign countries. Students appear for the GRE test during their graduation years so that they get the opportunity to grab the master’s degree immediately after completing graduation. GRE has been designed to test the critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills and analytical skills of the students to pursue higher-level education. Therefore, the GRE test comprises various sections such as Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning. GRE Analytical writing consists of analysing an issue and an argument. GRE Verbal Reasoning consists of analysing and evaluating a written extract to answer questions and recognising the information between concepts, words and sentences. GRE Quantitative reasoning is one of the most important syllabi in the GRE exam that consists of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, data-analytics, and others. 

What are the Important Tips and Strategies to Retake the GRE Exam?

Retaking the GRE test is a good thing and students must see it positively. It is an opportunity for students to score higher marks on the test. More than 25% of students reappearing for the GRE test have found an increase in scores than the previous GRE scores. Therefore, students must see the first attempt as a practice attempt for the next test. Usually, students appear for the first GRE test during their initial years in the graduation period. In this period, they haven’t learnt many things from their field due to which they score less. Some of the important tips for GRE exam preparation are as follows:

  • Determine the purpose of retaking the GRE test: Students must evaluate their previous marks and then decide the purpose of the GRE test retake as it will clear their scope. 
  • Set the target score: In the second attempt, students become quite familiar with the universities and their expectations. Therefore, students must set a target to score higher as per their aspirations. This will guide them in scoring more and have a focused mind.
  • Time management: In the retake, students are familiar with the test pressure due to the previous experience. Therefore, the students can improve their time management skills and plan a specific time to be allocated for every question depending on its difficulty level. 
  • Study plan: Students can design their study plan efficiently so that they can manage their speed and syllabus effectively and in collaboration. 

What are the Essential Strategies to improve GRE scores?

Visualising questions: Students need to visualise a question while reading it as it clarifies the scenario. It is a beneficial approach that has been proved effective during the examination as it let the student have a closer look at the problem and analyse the situation more efficiently as the human brain connects to the visualisation more easily. 

  • Plan time for the every question: Students must practice allocating time for every question as it will give them an idea how much time has to be allocated to every question. If the solving time for a question has passed beyond the allocated time, then the student must understand that the process is going incorrectly. Therefore, students must allocate fixed time such as 55 seconds for a question would be an effective strategy.
  • Implement options elimination: If a question is taking longer time than the required time then the students must understand that the solving process is incorrect. Therefore, in such a case eliminating the options, one by one is an effective strategy that can be implemented to attempt the question. 
  • Be calm and composed: Students need to be calm and composed during the test so that they do not lose their patience while solving the exam. Maintaining composure is essential as it lets the student answer other questions correctly. 
  • Alert: Being alert towards time and speed during the GRE test is extremely important as it lets the students plan the further question paper solving process easier. Time and speed play an important role in the exam for appropriate answers.  
  • Answer all questions: Answering all the questions is extremely important for the students as every question carries equal marks. Additionally, GRE test does not have a negative marking and the students can answer all the questions without worries. 

What GRE Test Score is accepted for Top universities?

Universities Accepting GRE Scores Verbal Reasoning Score Quantitative Reasoning Score Reasoning Score Analytical Writing Score
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 159 160 5.2
Stanford University 158 159 4.9
University of California, Berkeley 155 166 4.4
The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) 156 166 5.1
University of Virginia 162 167 4.6
University of Michigan – Ann Arbor 161 166 5.1
University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill 159 161 4.3
Georgia Institute of Technology 159 166 4.4
University of California – San Diego 163 161 5.5
University of Illinois – Urbana/Champaign 156 166 4.1
University of Wisconsin – Madison 164 164 4.6
University of Washington 158 167 4.2
Pennsylvania State University 151 166 3.4
University of Florida (UFL) 155 166 3.2
University of Texas, Austin 157 167 4.4
Ohio State University 158 167 4.3
California Institute of Technology 159 157 5.0
Duke University 161 161 4.6
University of Chicago 160 168 4.1
Northwestern University 161 162 5.1
Washington University in St. Louis 162 161 5.1


How does the GRE score Impact the Admission Application process?

GRE scores affect an applicant’s admission process as the universities use GRE scores for elimination. GRE scores are used to eliminate the candidates from a huge pool of thousands of applications. This saves the time of the educational institutions required in reading the applications and the curriculum vitae. GRE score is vital in some of the top universities in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. GRE scores are not the only parameters for evaluating a student’s admission however, it is the first filter that is been applied. 

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