• January 4, 2022

Advanced Placement exams were created by the USA College Board. The board created the Advanced Placement program to enable the students to polish their academic profiles to achieve better educational opportunities. Selected universities offer Advanced Placement subjects in their curriculum to the students. AP courses are designed for the students that aspire to tackle college-level knowledge and challenges at high school. AP exams are the tests designed for the students that have appeared for a specific AP subject at the high school level. Students can appear for the AP exam in Grade 11 or 12 whereas some may appear for the test during grade 9 or 10 also. Students give AP test to highlight their profiles in the admission process. Dubai has a total 26 Advanced Placement schools. 

AP subjects allow the students to perceive knowledge in additional subjects that may not be a part of their current educational curriculum. It gives them an opportunity to learn new fields through which they can critically think about their career opportunities. AP exams enhance the critical thinking capabilities of the students. It enhances the logical thinking and reasoning skills of the candidates and lets them develop an exceptional problem-solving approach. AP exam centers conduct online AP exams on desktop or laptop while some universities may conduct it in the written form. Students need to score in a range of 3 to 5 to obtain better placement options. 

Who can appear for AP exams?

Advanced Placement exams have been designed for the students to showcase their talent and knowledge and stand out from others. It lets the students highlight their skills, efficiency and readiness for college-level education. The test allows the students to get placed in reputed colleges even before completing their 12 grade. Through advanced placement exams, students can save about a year of their academic period. Students earn college credit earlier which lets them prepare for their academic goals more efficiently. College credit can cover up the college fee of the student. AP exams give a direction to the candidates’ careers and let them focus on their academic development. AP exam scores are accepted by more than 90% of US universities after which they offer college credit or an advance placement to students all over the world. Additionally, European universities, UK and Canadian universities also accept AP scores for granting college admissions to the candidates. However, the placement and credit policies vary from university and country. Universities implementing AP subjects in their curriculum give AP Scholar Awards to the students scoring well in the AP courses. 

AP subjects

Students can select the AP course subject from the wide range of subjects offered by the AP exam Board. 38 subjects are offered by the board for the students to enhance their knowledge in varied fields. The wide variety of subjects let the students develop their knowledge in new fields or learn a subject out of interest that is not available in their university.

  1. Art History
  2. Biology
  3. Calculus AB
  4. Calculus BC
  5. Chemistry
  6. Chinese Language & Culture
  7. Comparative Government & Politics
  8. Computer Science A
  9. Computer Science Principles
  10. English Language and Composition
  11. English Literature and Composition
  12. Environmental Science
  13. European History
  14. French Language & Culture
  15. German Language & Culture
  16. Human Geography
  17. Italian Language & Culture
  18. Japanese Language and Culture
  19. Latin
  20. Macroeconomics
  21. Microeconomics
  22. Music Theory
  23. Physics 1: Algebra-Based
  24. Physics 2: Algebra-Based
  25. Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism
  26. Physics C: Mechanics
  27. Psychology
  28. Research
  29. Seminar
  30. Spanish Language & Culture
  31. Spanish Literature & Culture
  32. Statistics
  33. Studio Art: 2-D Design
  34. Studio Art: 3-D Design
  35. Studio Art: Drawing
  36. U.S. Government & Politics
  37. U.S. History
  38. World History


Scores accepted by top universities:

Top universities may accept scores ranging from 3 to 5. Some universities accept a score of 5. However, students that have not appeared for the test, do not have to face any problems or adverse impacts of it. AP test is just an additional to highlight candidate profiles during the admission process. Universities accept 5 as the most qualified score and 4 as well qualified score. However, a score of 3 is also accepted by the universities. Additionally, AP scores for different subjects may vary as per the complexity of the subject.

AP Score  Score meaning Score grade equivalent to university grade AP score credit
5 Extremely qualified A Usually
4 Well qualified A-, B+, B Usually
3 Qualified B-,C+,C Maybe
2 Possibly qualified N/A Very Rarely
1 Not qualified N/A No


AP EXAM structure

AP exams have 38 subjects therefore test wise structure may vary however some factors are common for all the tests. AP tests are divided into two sections each of 90mins. Each test consists of multiple-choice questions. There is no compulsion on attempting the questions. Additionally, AP exams do not have negative markings. The test also consists of free-response questions in the form of solutions, essays or reflections. AP test is conducted in May of every year and the board releases the scores in July. Students can do AP exams registration on My AP section with the College Board account. 

 How to prepare for AP tests

Students can prepare for AP exams by first selecting a suitable course for the AP exam. After selecting the course, the students may plan a timetable for course study so that a dedicated time can be assigned for the preparation. Students need to manage their time efficiently as they need to study the 11 and 12-grade syllabus as well as AP subjects. A higher score will enable the students to earn better college credit or placement. 

Knowledge Point Institute

Knowledge Point Institute is Dubai’s one of the best training center that provide exceptional training for exam preparations. We have trained faculty for every subject from the 38 subjects offered by the AP board. We conduct extreme AP Preparation sessions for training the students for every possible question. The test consists of responsive question that needs to be written efficiently by the students as it checks the intellectual level of the students. Knowledge Point Institute has been offering the students with free AP practice tests for all the subjects to enable the students to fly with bright colours. We provide AP courses, online as well as at our centers.