• January 4, 2022


Looking to attend SAT exam? We are the leading institute in Dubai that offers 100% quality SAT exam prep training online and offline.

SAT is an acronym for the Scholastic aptitude Test. The test was conducted to check the intellectual level of the students aspiring to grab international educational opportunities. However, SAT exam includes subjects such as mathematics, English, History, Science and Languages.  Also, these subjects contribute to an overall analysis of the verbal, written and mathematical skills of the candidates. 

SAT score

A candidate’s application is strengthened due to the SAT score as it lets the universities distinguish the applicants based on their intellectual abilities. Undergraduate applicants need to perform well in their academics for gaining admission to foreign universities.

Every university, board or nation has different metrics to analyse the students. therefore, SAT is a uniform method established for evaluating the intellectual abilities of the students and deciding their path to graduation. Therefore, for getting evaluated on an international level the applicants must opt for SAT and share their scores. 

This enhances a candidate’s application and lets the candidate stand out from other applicants. Moreover, languages and essays are included in the syllabus to check the candidate’s skill of expression and presentation of opinions. As these skills matter in reputed universities, students neSAT | sat exam prep | sat exam classes dubai | sat course traininged to get shaped according to their requirements. Hence, an aspirant of higher-level graduation must appear for SAT.

Why is the SAT required? 

SAT exam requires rigorous preparation as the evaluation is on the international level. It is essential to stand out from other students and grab the opportunity at the best college for graduation is essential.

Students can prepare for SAT through SAT coaching classes and SAT online classes. Moreover, SAT prep requires interactive classes where the student deals with various scenarios and implements analytical and logical thinking on them.

In addition, SAT coaching has been increasing tremendously as the exam has gained huge recognition across borders. Dubai is witnessing a huge number of SAT classes that are shaping students careers. 

How to prepare for SAT?

Students can enrol in the SAT coaching classes and regularly attend the live sessions in online and offline modes. The exam needs dedication from the students and it can be achieved through attending continuous SAT classes. Knowledge Point Institute is the best SAT class in Dubai that provides interactive classes with a bunch of exhausting material for the students to reach their highest potential. 

SAT prep requires proper time management and allocation of the appropriate time to various sections. The students must read the questions fast in the test so that they can devise the solution within seconds. Free online SAT practice sessions are available for the students to increase their speed and accuracy.

SAT Exam preparation needs the extensive practice of every question so that during the exam, questions can be identified within a couple of seconds. A student needs to practice in such a way that every answer can be obtained within an average of 52 seconds. 

This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic the admission scenario has been changed by some of the Universities. However, students can continue their SAT prep 2022 to avail more opportunities as the score will enrich the application for admission. Knowledge Point Institute offers online coaching classes to the students for maintaining the social distancing and pandemic norms set by the government.

What SAT Scores are required for Top Universities?

Universities  SAT scores (Math: M; Evidence-based reading and writing: EBRW)
Princeton University  M: 750-790 and EBRW: 720-800
Harvard University M: 740-760 and EBRW: 720-750
University of Chicago M: 770-795 and EBRW: 720-745
Yale University  M: 740-790 and EBRW: 720-770
Stanford University  M: 760-770 and EBRW: 725-735
University of Cambridge M and EBRW: 1460+
University of Tokyo  M and EBRW: 1527
University of Pennsylvania M and EBRW: 1480-1560
Boston University M and EBRW: 1520
University of British Columbia Vancouver  M and EBRW: 1600
University of British Columbia Okanagan 1600
Monash University, Australia 1600
Adler University 1600
Mapua University  1600
The University of West Indies 1600


How does Knowledge Point Institute help to improve SAT Scores?

Knowledge Point Institute is Dubai’s best caching class for exam preparations. We have been working in the coaching field for the past —- years and have immense experience in shaping the career paths of today’s leaders. We empower our students in all the subjects included in SAT to enable them to solve every problem in the test. Also, for the Reading Test, we provide the students with live, critically challenging and evidence-based problems for practice in the classroom.

In addition, discussions are held on every question to provide wider exposure to the student’s thinking skills. Moreover, students are prepared for writing tests by giving them exhaustively and numerous types of passages to read, analyse the scenario and edit. Maths plays an important role in our sessions and practices material as we make students dig deeper into maths, statistics and problem solving so that they can solve any problem posed to them. 


Knowledge Point Institute provides highly interactive and critically challenging methods of teaching and practising to shape the problem-solving skills of the students. Also, students need to solve each question in the Final exam with the speed of light. Hence, rigorous training provided by Knowledge Point Institute is all for students in Dubai to achieve higher SAT scores.

Moreover, our institute is known to be the best coaching class in Dubai for hands-on practice sessions, collaborative problem solving and highly coordinating staff.

No1 students choice for Sat exam prep training

Additionally, students prefer Knowledge Point Institute as it offers them a great place to study with a positive ambience and inspiring faculty. In addition, we have highly dedicated staff members that train the students with customisation and focus. Knowledge Point Institute provides higher features to the students to make them shine in their careers. Call us for SAT EXAM PREP Training in Dubai. We are happy to assist you.

Also, the outstanding feature of Knowledge Point Institute is that we make sure that none of the students is deprived of knowledge due to responsibilities. Therefore, we provide online classes for students that cannot attend the offline sessions at the institute. We provide various types of batches for SAT prep to the students at their convenience.  Moreover, this has enhanced our knowledge delivering system and also helped the students to gain higher heights in their careers. 


Best Sat exam prep training on all subjects such as Maths, English, languages, history and science. Call us for the best Sat classes in Dubai.