• September 23, 2019

Are you planning to build a career in healthcare? 

Do you wish to work as a nurse overseas in healthcare profession?

Well, if you are really dedicated towards creating a career in health care profession – OET exams should be your rescue plan.

Why, you ask?

The expertise that is most required by nurses and doctors in the challenging healthcare profession is communication skill. Occupational English Test is specially designed for professionals working in healthcare industry. OET exams are a proof of individuals’ language skills which decides their capability to work in the healthcare profession.

However, OET can be quite difficult but it is really important for healthcare professionals. 

Helping you start the new chapter in real-world healthcare, we list reasons why you should choose OET to build an empowering career in healthcare. 




Excelling the communication skill is one of the ability that will help you succeed in your role. 

OET exams are designed for health-care professionals. It helps doctors and nurses learn the language and technical jargon’s of medical industry. OET also teaches the proper way to communicate with patients in a safe way in the challenging environment.

Practice regularly, excel the skill and gain valuable experience in your dream English speaking healthcare job.   




If you are looking forward to start your healthcare career in dream country, OET Training in Dubai by Knowledge Point Institute is the solution.

OET exams are approved at worldwide healthcare industry. Positive results in the OET can help you create a passage to start your career in a different country. 

Excel the OET exams and fly to Singapore or New Zealand, Australia or UK and build your healthcare career in English speaking job.




When you are practicing English as second language, it is possible that you face confidence issues. And we all know that better confidence leads to better communication skills.

Specially designed for healthcare professionals, OET exams help you build your command over the English language. Including all the aspects of communication – listening, writing, reading and speaking, OET exams prepare you rightly for your healthcare job.  




Career in medical industry will need you to be a pro of medical jargon’s. 

OET exam – specially designed for medical professionals help you get comfortable with the medical vocabulary. This knowledge of medical technical terms will help you boost your career and communicate confidently as a nurse. 



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