• September 2, 2019

Do you know how many people flunk the PMP Certification exam?

What is the failure rate of PMP test?

Well, no one really knows the exact numbers for PMI doesn’t reveal any statistics. But it is believed that the failure rate is about 50%.

However, the numbers are not our concern. Our goal is to understand why so many people fail.

Keep in mind that PMP is a hard nut to crack. So how do you crack this tough examination?

Simple, learn from the mistakes. That doesn’t mean you must fail the exam to pass it the next time. Learn from other’s mistakes and experiences. So, below are some reasons why people fail to clear the PMP Certification exam.


Knowledge Point, a PMP training institute in Dubai, has been teaching PMP aspirants for over a decade and has studied student patterns to list the top reason aspirants fail. Remember, the purpose of the article is not to scare you but to help you understand the reason of failure so you can develop a clear approach to clear the PMP Certification exam at the first go!


Secret Tips to Clear PMP Certification – 



Many aspirants skip the use of PMBOK or just casually read through it. The book is boring and the language is a little difficult to understand. Though there are many other PMP guides in the market, PMBOK is the most important of all. It is published by PMI and the exam is based on this guide.

Success Tip: You must thoroughly read the book at least 2-3 times to pass the exam successfully.

(Knowledge Point has professional teachers who help you understand the concepts and language of PMBOK easily.)



A basic requirement for PMP certification is 35 hours of formal Project Management training. You can either go for a formal training workshop or even Project Management study at college is accepted.

So many people avoid going for formal training to save up the costs but only end up paying more for re-examination.

Success Tip: Enroll with formal PMP training institute that will help you clear it easily through proper exam preparation. 

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Not all free material is bad but most of the free content on web is outdated, insufficient and incomplete. Aspirants relying only on free content often find it difficult to pass the exam. Look for good sources for content and balance with proper published guides.


Success Tip: Look for good sources for content and balance with proper published guides.

(Knowledge Point provides you with free study material that is reliable and will give you an upper edge over others.) 


Hope these pointers help you prepare better and crack the exam.

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