• October 10, 2021

The ACT Test for Students is conducted all over the world to get College admissions in reputed colleges for higher studies. ACT was introduced in the year 1959 by Everett Franklin Lindquist as a substitute for SAT test. The test is used as an assessment tool to measure the analytical thinking and capability of high school students to get admitted into college courses. The test consists of four subjects that are English, Mathematics, Reading, Scientific Reasoning and Writing (optional). This ACT test serves as an evaluation tool to determine the readiness of the high school students for getting admitted to the colleges. ACT sections syllabus consists of the topics from 7th to 12th grade. ACT is an entrance test that gives universities an approach to evaluate all the candidates from a single and well-defined approach. Students apply for the test through ACT registration on the official ACT website. Students can apply for the test twice before the actual admission process in junior and senior years. Twice appearance to the test gives confidence and orientation for study to the students.

ACT Exam score varies from 1 to 36 dedicated to every subject. The duration of the ACT test is 3 hours and an additional hour is allocated for the students opting for the writing test. It is a multiple-choice test that does not implement the negative marking rule. Additionally, it consists of a total of 215 questions divided between various sections. English section consists of the three main parts that are management of writing, language experts and standard English conventions. The reading section in the ACT Test comprises the keywords recognition, passage structuring and keyword integration that check the interpretation skills of the candidates. Math has a higher weightage in the Test as it consists of algebra, elementary algebra, coordinate geometry, intermediate algebra, trigonometry, statistics, fundamental skills and others. These topics have been a part of the Test as they check the problem-solving skills of the candidates. Reasoning section check the problem-solving skills and analytical thinking skills of the candidates therefore it comprises the topics such as data interpretation, scientific investigation, and preliminary inferences. Writing section is an optional section that consists of essay writing.

Is ACT a replacement for SAT or Not?

SAT and ACT, both the tests are administered to gauge a student’s readiness for college. The two exams differ in structure, however, colleges in the United States and other countries prefer the results of both entrance exams. In recent years, students take both tests to secure places to their desired colleges. Students who are proficient in English may choose to take the ACT exam because it primarily focuses on spoken and written English. However, students who are proficient in mathematical and statistical skills can choose to take the SAT. Variation in the questions makes the difference in the two tests. Therefore, the replacement of the ACT for the SAT depends only on the individual candidate. Students can solve this dilemma by completing two tests in the first year. Students will be able to solve dilemmas by giving tests and assessing which test is best for them. Reputable universities will take into account the scores of both tests.

What ACT Scores are required to get admissions into College?

The current average ACT score is 21 and the highest ACT score is 36. Students scoring above 25 have greater and numerous opportunities. According to ACT Inc, section-wise average scores for the students to apply at a good university are as follow:

CNA Certified Nursing AssistantCaregiver
CertificationGAQM Accredited CNA CertificationKHDA Certification
ScopeHealthcare sector under Registered Nurse (RN) or Licensed practical nurse (LPN) supervisionDiverse caregiving roles, from infants to elderly
Titles Certified nursing assistant

Nurse Anesthetist

Personal Care Assistant

State-tested nurse aid
Professional Caregiver
ResponsibilitiesPatient care, vital signs, medical assistance Basic quality-of-life needs, patient liaison
Training EmphasisMedical procedures, vital signs, equipment operation Communication, practical learning on caretaking, industry exposure
Career OpportunitiesCNA roles in healthcare institutionsCaregiver, Manager/Trainer, Scheduler
Course Duration4 months for Regular Course

1 month for Fast track Course
4 months for Regular Course

1 month for Fast track Course

Selective Universities or colleges have varied selection criteria and they expect higher scores from the applicants. Every university prefers different scores for different sections. Additionally, some universities need writing test scores for the admission process. The ACT scores for securing admissions in reputed universities have been presented below:

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How to Prepare for the ACT with KPI?

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