• October 18, 2021

OET Exam has been designed as an Occupational English Test to evaluate the language proficiency of the candidates applying in the healthcare sector. The test checks the language proficiency and fluency of the Healthcare professionals. The test consists of Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. It is required so that communication skills and effectiveness in speaking can be checked. Healthcare professional means people who can explain to the patients about their diseases and disorders and other problems effectively. To address these needs the test has been developed for 12 different areas in the Healthcare sector. For different Healthcare sectors, Writing and Speaking tests are variable whereas Reading and Listening tests are similar. It is accepted by the organisations in Australia, Ireland, Dubai, Namibia, UK, New Zealand and Singapore for 12 different Healthcare sectors. Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment Trust (CBLA) manages OET processing.

OET Listening test is divided into 3 parts which consist of 42 questions. The topic selected is generic for the Healthcare sector which makes it easier for the candidates to appear for the test. Part A consists of an audio recording of a patient consultation based on which questions are posed. In Part B, the candidate needs to listen to short extracts such as gist or details of the health professional dialogues, team briefings and others. Part C consists of a recorded presentation that is based on different Healthcare topics that have to be listened to carefully by the candidates before answering the questions. Listening testability has been included in it so that the Healthcare professionals can grasp the problems explain by the patients and identify the solution to them.

OET Reading test consists of three structures in which Part A comprises of short texts related to the Healthcare topic based on which near about 20 questions will be asked and the candidate needs to read the text and answer the questions. Part B consists of details about the Healthcare workplace such as hospital documents, guidelines, manuals, memos or others. These will be based on long extracts that have to be read by the candidates and answer the multiple-choice questions. The main idea behind the reading ability test is to evaluate a person’s ability to scan the documents and grasp the important contents from them. The OET Writing test consists of Formal letters, referral letters, prescriptions, healthcare workplace situations manuals and others. The writing section has been designed to evaluate how the health care professional can write the most important text in short forms. OET Speaking test consists of a small introductory background about the profession. Certain role-plays are given to the candidates for which the candidate has to speak and get preparation time for it. The candidate can ask any doubts within the preparation time and later on different role plays have to be performed. In this test problem-solving skills, analytical skills, technical skills and communication skills of the candidate are checked thoroughly. The Intelligibility of the candidate is tested from the intonation, accent, pronunciation and others. Appropriate use of language fluency, resources of grammar, clauses, relationship building, sentence structure, information gathering and communicating effectively are some of the elements checked in the speaking test.

Why is the OET considered an English Proficiency Test?

It is considered one of the best English assessment tests for growth opportunities. The Cambridge English language assessment had conducted a study in 2013 which resulted that employees that have appeared for OET test, practice English more effectively at the workplace. It is an indicator of the medical professional readiness towards communicating effectively with the patients, caretakers and other health professionals. Language Testing Research Centre at the Melbourne University had researched in 2013 that resulted in the high relevance of the test towards the medical professional at the workplace, medicinal communication and its impact on the efficiency level of the candidate. OET is required for the medical aspirants as the test checks the medical language, communication skills based on the real-time medical scenarios, and others. Other language assessment tests comprise the syllabus that is based on generic situations or scenarios. Therefore, OET is considered an English Proficiency Test for health care professionals.

Students and professionals that want to shift to English Speaking foreign countries need to appear for the OET test. For OET registration, the candidates need to register on the official OET website. A test date has to be booked along with the test centre.

How does Knowledge Point Institute help students to achieve his/her best score?

Knowledge Point Institute is Dubai’s best class for gaining language proficiency and for preparing for OET. We have gained extensive experience designing in preparing the candidates in entrance exams for excelling in their desired career fields. Knowledge Point Institute provides students with rigorous practice on a varied set of tasks in the medical profession so that the students get ready to analyse and address the real-life situation and problems as asked in the OET exam. We provide students with free OET practice tests and OET test samples to make them ready for the original test situation. Each question is discussed to broaden students’ thinking. Students prepare for tests through numerous and extensive types of passages for reading, script analysis, and editing at our centre.

Additionally, students prefer the Knowledge Point Institute because it provides them with an excellent place to study in a positive environment and with inspiring teachers. We have committed employees who train students on an individual and group targeted basis. The Knowledge Point Institute provides students with comprehensive, and logical training to help them achieve higher OET scores. What sets the Knowledge Point Institute apart is that we make sure that coaching reaches all students. Therefore, we offer online and offline learning modes for students to study at will. One-on-One, bespoke, small group and large group are some of the OET prep packages available.

Keeping in mind that the test-taker’s confidence is the key to their success, our course provides a comprehensive package that includes

– Initial Orientation

– A Range of Practice Materials in addition to

– Intense Review Sessions followed by

– A Series of Mock Tests.

There’s a lot of conflicting information out there on the Internet that often get learners all the more confused. Therefore, our training programme has a more organized and consistent approach towards learning. This is to help our learners be well prepared before sitting the test.


The orientation sessions helps candidates to cut through the noise and dismiss any misconceptions about the test. The initial briefing equips the learners with precise knowledge and helps them fully deconstruct the 4 sub-tests, the test pattern, the time constraints, the types of questions and everything there is to know about OET.


Many learners are under the impression that the same strategy works for everyone. There is no universal hack for OET as some might claim on the Internet. However, the multiple practice sessions gives the candidates enough room for a self-introspection and provides a sheer perspective on how they can improve. Considering that the strategies used differ from person to person, a deluge of sample tests enables them to determine the right strategy that works the best for them.


The review sessions, especially for the Writing and Speaking sub-tests, endow them with the confidence required to face the test head-on. These sessions are intended towards an in-depth discussion on how to meet the evaluation criteria. The most common mistake candidates make is ignoring the fundamentals and thus, failing to fulfill the task. Therefore, it is important to come about it from the examiner’s perspective so that we can give them exactly what they’ve been looking for in a candidate’s response.


The series of mock tests is the final touch up to provide an immersive experience of the test day along with time constraints. Consistent practice and dedication is essential. Everybody wants a good score, but it depends on how badly you want them. We at Knowledge Point will be your guide on the side to help you take the next step towards your goal.