• September 7, 2020

More often than not, it is found that the in-home care is provided by family members and it is only a few of the times that a caregiver is hired in order to assist the client’s family with certain errands. Family members and close friends usually carry out various important responsibilities including transportation, personal care, management of finances, and housekeeping.

If we look at the bigger picture, the difference between a good home caregiver and a great one usually comes down to a single factor and that is, training. You would find that a well-trained caregiver would be able to handle even the most difficult of situations that might arise on the job, better than an untrained one. With a trained caregiver at their helm, clients and their family members are bound to feel secure due to the level of knowledge and competency that the trained caregiver tends to possess.

If you wish to become a caregiver, whether it is for the needs of your family or to make a career out of it, then there are various types of training that you must go through in a caregiver training institute in Dubai.

Fall prevention or safety hazard:
There are many common safety issues such as tripping hazards, slipping hazards, dimly lit areas in and around the house, and many more. A slip and fall might seem to be a non-significant issue to any average able-bodied individual but it is known to be the most common cause of injuries to the hip or head for the elder people of the family. So, caregivers are trained in such a way that they would prevent such mishaps from taking place under their supervision.

Medication management:
Medications are something that can cause quite a stir if a client is prone to forgetting their timely dose, home caregivers should take the responsibility of keeping the medicine secure as well as monitoring daily usage. Problems are bound to arise if medication is under or over prescribed or if multiple medications are being prescribed by different doctors at the same time. These can have some serious consequences on the health of an individual. Hence, a reliable caregiver training institute would make sure to train the aspiring caregivers to not only manage the medications but also understand all the side effects that each can have and make their clients aware of all the red flags.

Client hygiene and care:
A well-trained caregiver tends to respect the privacy of their clients, but would also be able to recognize when the client requires help with some of his daily activities. Privacy is considered to be quite a big issue for immobile clients, in particular, as the psychological effects of losing their dignity can prove to be devastating. So, a good training institute would make their students understand this concept very well and hence, lessen the impact of this service on the patient’s mental health.

These are some of the training modules that must be expected in a good caregiver training institute in Dubai for an aspiring caregiver. So, if you are looking to caregiving as a profession, make sure that you choose the right training institute.