• August 9, 2020

An Occupational English Test is a global healthcare-specific test, and it differs from general or academic English tests in numerous ways. So when it comes to preparation, you need to train with the best.

Many of you might be good at studying; some of you may prefer studying alone or with a friend, who can give you the feedback you need. But an OET coaching institute in Dubai can help you with what you need to focus on and offer tasks to strengthen your weaknesses.

With the help of mock exams and practical exposure, training institute helps you identify your key strengths and weaknesses before providing targeted feedback. You get access to unique materials and tailored help that boost your scores.

Knoweldgepoint training institute in Dubai is the best OET training centre in the UAE where you get professional training from highly qualified experts in the English language.

This well-established training institute ensures that you receive the best quality OET preparation, which is why they conduct mock tests and have experienced teacher. The training institute can assist you to get ready for your OET by offering expert guidance and feedback.

Let’s look at the Format of the OET:

To crack these 4 sections, the training institute in Dubai is of sure-shot help. The Occupational English Test is divided into four subsections that focus on diverse language skills. The four sections are:

  • Listening (45 minutes)
  • Reading (60 minutes)
  • Writing (45 minutes)
  • Speaking (20 minutes)


  1. Listening:

This section has 2 parts.

  • In Part A, you have to listen to a conversation between a patient and a professional. After that, you have to take the notes on that interaction.
  • In Part B, you have to listen to two to different extracts. You have to answer the questions that are in the form of multiple choices about what you have heard.


  1. Reading:

This section also has 2 parts.

  • Part A is to assess your ability to locate specific information from 3 or 4 passages. Then, you will be given a paragraph summarizing the text with words removed. You have to use your skill to fill these blanks.
  • In Part B you have to read passages related to common healthcare topics and answer multiple choices thereafter.


  1. Writing:

You will be given 45 minutes to write a referral letter. But depending on your profession, like nurse or pharmacist, you might have to write different type of letter.


  1. Speaking:

In this section, you have to take part in two role-plays. Also, you take your professional role in each role-play.

You don’t have to study on a long course, but joining the elite training institute, discussing your needs and getting feedback on your language skills is sensible. It means when the test day arrives, you will feel that you have done everything possible to give yourself the best chance of success.

Remember, OET is not as easy compared to other test preparation courses. But with the help of Knoweldgepoint training institute in Dubai, you will be better prepared for the test.