• April 13, 2020

The IELTS General exam can be stressful for a lot of people and going unprepared can be a more stressful experience. But, getting stressed is not the solution. First of all, you need to be prepared mentally and physically.

Be prepared mentally

First you need to spend a substantial amount of time making yourself familiar with the material you need to know. It means revising the material weeks or even a month before. Thinking about revising all the material in just a few hours or minutes is a big mistake. Being familiar with the material will set you in a good place for the IELTS general exam.

Be prepared physically

Staying up the entire night and revising all the material at once is never a good idea. It is necessary that you get plenty of rest before the exam because lack of sleep will lead to lack of concentration during the exam. So, take proper rest the night before the exam.

Now, let’s come to the tips on what you should do before or on the day of the

IELTS General Exam

1. Check the IELTS exam’s structure, location, and time

It is best to know all this extra information a few days before the exam. It’s because if the exam center is far away from your location, you can make proper arrangements to reach the exam location on time. This will help you have a stress-free day. Check the structure of the exam and how long you will have to complete it. Knowing all this information will keep you calm and confident on the day of the exam.

2. Have good, light breakfast with coffee

Yes, breakfast is an important meal that you must not skip, especially before exam. It will kick start your day with full energy and keep you energized throughout the exam duration. Plus, have a cup of coffee as it contains caffeine and antioxidants that improve alertness and concentration and also helps with information retention ability.

3. Ensure that bathroom breaks don’t distract you

The best way to ensure this is to go to the bathroom before entering the exam room. Though it may seem silly to you, you will be surprised by the number of people who leave the exam midway just because of nature’s call. Bathroom breaks not only distract you from the exam but also waste your precious time. So, it is better to go beforehand.

4. Remember the goal and focus on it

When people are sitting in the exam room, they find it very easy to let their mind wander. Probably, the exam room is the blandest one that people ever face throughout their life. So, it is common to have wandering thoughts. But, having a goal and reminding itself why you are there and what you want to achieve will keep you on the right track.

5. Don’t stick to one question for long. Move on

It happens a lot that sometimes, you find some question very difficult or confusing. The same goes for the IELTS general exam. Getting stuck in one question can cause you to lose your concentration and speed. If this happens to you, remain calm and move on to the next question because you don’t have all the time to waste on one question.

Finally, we would suggest you to remember that the IELTS general is just an exam that you can take again. If you don’t pass, it does mean that the world has ended. You can retake it. So, don’t go overboard on any concentration drinks and don’t get stressed or panicked too much.

The best way to excel and gain confidence is to undergo the IELTS General training. They prepare you for the worst.