• April 6, 2020

The OET (Occupational English Test) has the recognition of being the proof of proficiency for the professionals that work in the healthcare industry, all over the world. This particular test is designed specifically for the sector, ensuring that the doctors, nurses and other workers of the healthcare industry have sufficient and specialized language skills that are mandatory for them to have, to be working in such a challenging environment.

However, most of the medical students find the OET to be quite a difficult test. Healthcare professionals already have the burden of having the knowledge of a lot of complicated medical terms and vocabulary, and adding to that they need to have a higher understanding of the English language by being able to speak and understand English with clarity and quickness in high-pressure situations.  As a result of which, even the medical students who have had a significant amount of English training can find it hard to obtain good marks on this test.

To help the students qualify and get better marks on this test, OET classes in Sharjah can be quite an efficient way to do so. Below are some of the many reasons to consider these OET classes to help you achieve the result that you need to kick-start your medical career.

1. OET classes are designed by keeping in mind your individual needs:

As different medical students require a different set of English skills, OET classes from a reputable institute offer you the classes tailored to your individual situation. Before anything else, the first formality that you’d be asked to do is to complete a needs analysis questionnaire. This analytic questionnaire allows the instructors to find a course that is best suited to your professional role and goals.
As you progress through your course, you even have the option of asking the instructors to up the level of the course a bit and make it more challenging so that it reflects the challenges that you would face in your work in a better way.

2. Sufficient exam practice in OET classes:

The instructor allotted to you would guide you through the structural map of the exam, by giving you a general idea about what to expect in each section of the paper, letting you know the time that each section must take to complete, and the important topics that you need to study more carefully than the others. They would also provide their expert techniques on how to approach the exam so that you do it in the right way.

3. Practice your English in a real workspace environment:

There is a speaking section of the OET exam, which focuses on real healthcare scenarios. The examinees are to indulge in a five-minute role-play with the examiner, to test the proficiency of their English in a professional situation. OET classes in Sharjah, and other places too, offer to make the students practice these scenarios amongst themselves and their instructors to help prepare them for the exam better.

So, there you have the reasons to consider taking OET classes to obtain better marks and to prepare for your career in an efficient way.