• May 9, 2022

EmSAT stands for Emirates Standardized Test and is a computer-based exam for UAE university or college admissions. The purpose of the EmSAT test is to assess the skills and knowledge of students in the areas of interest for higher studies in the targeted subjects. EmSAT UAE consists of three major tests: the baseline, Advantage, and Achieve tests.

Private universities can also opt for EmSAT as part of their undergraduate admission. The high-school students must have to clear for getting admission into universities and colleges for higher studies.

Who Can Do the EmSAT?
Grade 12 or passed out students seeking admission in the UAE can take the EmSAT test to determine their competence in general education and pursue higher studies.

What Are the Subjects In EmSAT?
The EmSAT has seven subjects that test the ability of students. It covers Arabic, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Computer Science for students in 12th grade studying in public and private schools, irrespective of their curriculums.

As per the choice of programs to pursue undergraduate, Universities now have the flexibility to use the EmSAT results in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science, English, and Arabic for students studying in the 12th grade.

How Much Time Is Required for the Preparation?
Students need at least 20 to 30 days to prepare for the EmSAT. Starting the preparation a few weeks before gives them enough time to understand the type of questions and how to solve them, which helps them achieve a better score. This way, they can have sufficient time to study as well as revise essential concepts that are crucial to scoring well in the exam.

However, the preparation time also depends on your skills and knowledge of the subjects. If your basic understanding of a particular subject is weak, you might have to put in extra time and effort to strengthen your conceptual knowledge of each subject.

Why Does a College Need an EmSAT Score?
Colleges need the EmSAT score to assess students’ skills and knowledge in the four major subjects. Students who clear EmSAT have a better understanding and command of Mathematics, English, Arabic, and science subjects. This allows the universities and colleges to offer admissions to only competent students.

EmSAT is a criterion for the colleges and universities in the UAE to enrol deserving students based on their skills. Students scoring low in 12th grade can get admission to the reputed colleges if they perform well in EmSAT.


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