• January 4, 2022

The medical field has been presumed to consist of doctors, health care providers and nurses. However medical field also offers a plethora of other career options to the aspirants to build a career in the medical field. Medical coding is one such field that can be tracked from the 17th century however in recent years medical coding has been gaining youth focus from the help organisations and insurance companies. American Academy of Professional Coders AAPC defines medical coding as the formation of certain codes to depict the health journey, treatment and billing of a patient. A patient visits a medical provider to treat problems faced. On every visit, the medical provider gives certain treatment to the patient and a specific amount is billed. Every visit is summarised in the documents however reading the complete summary is an inefficient process for the insurance companies or the health providers while checking the previous visit details. Therefore, a special technique called medical coding has been designed that is used to transform the medical summary into standardized alphanumeric codes that depict the disease treatments and bill information precisely.

Why has the surge of Medical Coder jobs been raised?

The surge of medical coders jobs raised due to the rise in the population of old people. The increase in mental, physical and chronic diseases has increased the demand in the medical industry. Therefore, to address the rising medical cases quickly and efficiently, medical coders demand has increased. Additionally, the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 has increased the granularity of the disease analysis. It has therefore increased the demand for the medical coders. 

What is the requirement of Medical Coders in the insurance department?

Medical coders are required in the insurance department to translate the patient’s visit and treatment from the doctor into medical codes. It is hectic for the medical staff, billing and insurance companies to read the complete medical history of the patient. Medical codes are easily feds into the system that represent the treatment and disease details. The transcribed codes are used by the medical coders to raise the insurance claim. On the other hand, medical billers submit these codes to the insurance company so that the accurate bills can be generated to pay the medical care centre or hospital appropriately by tracking the patient’s medical records for the claim.

What is CPC?

CPC stands for Certified Professional Coder. The certification course designed by CPC is to provide medical coding education to individuals aspiring to be medical coders. CPC certified individual gain good career opportunities in the medical and insurance companies. A CPC certificate holder has the ability to code the medical summary and documents as per the industry standards. Diagnostic codes are used to submit the bills to the insurance company’s so that reimbursements can be provided to the patients based upon their overall treatment. CPC certification is necessary to work as a medical coder. Along with certification, an individual needs a recommendation letter to apply for medical coding. CPC certification is beneficial as it provides a competitive salary to the individual without getting a degree. CPC has gained a higher reputation in the medical field as it is a standardized course that proves the ability of an individual to create codes through skills and experience gained. CPC exam can be given after the High School diploma or after gaining medical coding experiences. Candidates who want to become medical coders can appear for the CPC exam that is issued by AAPC.

Who can do the CPC exam Preparation?

Candidates from the medical field with having Degree or Diploma in Microbiology, Biochemistry, Zoology, Chemistry, Biology, Dentistry, Medicine, Healthcare, pharmacy and others can be medical coders. Medical coders need to have good knowledge in surgery, pathology, medicine, radiology, anatomy and others. Candidates trained under AAPC or having 3 years of experience in medical coding can appear for CPC. 

What is the Exam Structure and Fees?

CPC exam comprises 24 different topics consisting of radiology, surgical procedures, coding guidelines, medicine, ICD-10 and others. CPC is a standardised test known for physical-based medical coding. It consists of 150 multiple choice questions that evaluate the candidates based on 17 different areas in the medical field. CPC test questions are based on CPT, HCPCS level 2 and ICD 10. The test lasts for 5 hours and 40 minutes. 70% of the questions need to be correct for a candidate to pass the exam. Candidates securing less than 70% in the test can appear for re-examination. The CPC exam consists of certain scenarios mentioned along with the treatments and procedures implemented for curing the disease of the patient. It also consists of detailed information on the drugs, antibiotics and other treatments of the patient. The candidate has to transform the summary of treatments into certain codes based on the medical manuals. The test will also consist of general knowledge questions from the medical field from any area such as radiology, musculoskeletal systems, and others. After passing the test the candidate has to take the membership of an AAPC. CPC exam fees is $530 that can vary as per the package of the CPC preparation bundle. 

Why do students find it difficult to clear the Exam?

Students find it difficult to pass the CPC exam as it consists of medical reports, anatomy, surgery reports and others. Additionally, the exam is based on memorisation and consists of medical terms.  Students need to practice intensively and participate in the mock tests to excel in the examination. 

How can KPI help in scoring better?

Knowledge Point Institute is Dubai’s one of the best medical coding certification coaching class providing the candidates with a huge range of medical experience to score better in CPC. We have raised numerous medical coders by providing them with detailed training in coding and let them explore the bright career path. We have a trained faculty in medical coding that have expertise in medical coding. Knowledge Point Institute has designed the learning method in such a way that every student grasps the codes easily and can memorise their application. We have designed the question banks in a variety of difficulty levels to shape the candidates’ skills and application knowledge. 

We have developed online medical coding courses to ensure that every candidate gets an opportunity to absorb knowledge. Medical billing and coding courses are given special attention as there is a great demand for the medical coder who are required to generate efficient codes to provide them to the insurance companies. Knowledge Point Institute is the world’s leading CPC medical coding class in Dubai that trains the students under extremely rigorous, challenging and highly interactive training sessions. Candidates can express their opinions and concerns without hesitation. 

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