• March 16, 2019

The need for certified Project Managers has been increasing lately. A study by PMI in 2018 revealed that $1 billion is wasted every 20 second due to poor project management.

Companies, therefore, prefer PMP certified professionals to reduce chances of failure, wastage and increase efficiency. The problem is that the demand for PMP certified professionals has outpaced the supply. Reason being that getting a PMP certification is time-consuming, expensive and fairly difficult. But in a competitive job market, it’s totally worth it.

Here’s why PMP certification is important –


1. Credibility – PMP certification has high standards. Thus getting a PMP certification training shows your dedication and professional commitment to the job. The certification will enhance your resume and provide credibility to your knowledge base, skill set, and experience. Whether you are looking for a new job or already working in a good company, you will be seen as an important asset if you get PMP Certification.

2. Higher Salary – According to a PMI survey, PMP certification holders garner 20-22% higher salary than those without a PMP certification. Companies recognize the value PMP certified professionals bring with them. Hence they are willing to pay more. In addition, your chances of job advancement and promotions also increase for you have the required expertise.

3. Better networking opportunities – On getting a PMP certification you become a member of PMI. You get many opportunities to network and connect with other PMP certification holders and experts from across the globe. There are also many communities and online forums where PMP professionals can connect and share tips, experience and insights.

4. Useful in any industry – Project management is not limited to one industry. Companies across sectors need qualified PMP professionals who can execute their projects efficiently. Whether you want to work in IT, finance, gas, and oil or infrastructure, PMP certification training provides you knowledge applicable to any and every industry. It hence increases your employability.

How can PMP certification training help you?


1. Reduce your costs – PMP certification is an expensive course. In addition to PMP exam, you incur high costs in getting PMI membership and course material. In addition, if you fail in the first attempt, retaking the exam is an additional cost of $275. Enrolling with a PMP certification training institute ensures that you pass the exam in the first attempt and get the full worth of your certification.

2. Saves time and efforts – Most PMP trainers are employed professionals. They have a time crunch and find it difficult to stay on track. Hence they often take years to clear the exam. Enrolling with PMP training institute in Dubai provides you flexible timing and helps you keep up with the course on a regular basis. Hence making sure you can get the certification quickly.

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