• March 17, 2020

Arabic is one of the most spoken languages, with more than 300 million speakers in various parts of the world, mainly in the Middle East. It is widely claimed to be one of the toughest languages to learn, if not the toughest. The complexity of the Arabic language precedes any other language as its grammar is almost mathematical and due to the fact that spoken Arabic is quite different from written Arabic, namely dialectical Arabic and literary Arabic respectively. However, the difficulty of the language doesn’t take away the elegance and importance of the Arabic language. Fun fact, this particular language is said to be a part of the English and Hindi speaking culture as:

  • Many words and phrases originate from Arabic
  • Most of the numerals that we use come from Arabic as well

Learning Arabic comes with numerous benefits and the learners have different personal reasons attached to it as well. Some do it for getting to know the Arabic culture more thoroughly, some for the educational perks that it offers, and some for economic reasons. Let’s dwell on these and some more reasons to take up Arabic speaking classes or reading classes, in-depth below.

  1. To learn more about the intriguing culture:
    The Arabic culture is very vast and rich, and people who are into historical themes and cultures are automatically pulled in by the uniqueness of Arabic culture. Learning the language is the essence of getting to know the culture as the cultural legacy is usually kept recorded in ancient books and arts of the place.
  2. To open doors for opportunities in the future:
    Students tend to opt for the Arabic language so that it would give way to a better future for them, professionally as the economies are on the rise across North Africa and the Middle East. Being fluent in the language puts the learner at an advantage in business in Arabic speaking places. Basically, there is a huge window of opportunity for students, who learn the language while they’re young, that never seems to shut.
  3. To boost your career in tourism or business:
    People aspiring for a career in tourism or business, being an expert in Arabic gives them a crucial advantage over others, as a majority of the Arab-speaking countries are becoming a bigger force than Europe in the present international market.

There are many ways to learn Arabic. You can take online classes, or many students have the opportunity to opt for it in high school itself, or there are many private institutions that offer to teach it. As you have already read above the reasons for learning Arabic, there are even more. You might have your own unique reasons as well.

Even though, the difficulty of learning Arabic is known and evident, the number of Arabic learners is on the increase. Apparently, people are not scared of a good challenge, and if you are inclined towards learning this difficult yet beautiful and useful language, take up the challenge and join an Arabic speaking class now.