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Our Spoken English Course in Dubai is compact yet covers all the necessary topics which are essential. This Spoken English Course in Dubai is a boon to School and College dropouts and most suitable for mid-level workers, Job Hunters, Housewives and people who are also aiming to become fluent English language speaker. A must for nonnatives who aspire to hold considerable knowledge of English in order to pursue higher education or take up Recognized English tests. Want to speak fluent English? We have just the right Spoken English Course in Dubai specially designed for you. Our trainers help you in developing the confidence to speak English correctly through our professional Spoken English classes in Dubai.

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Here is an interesting fact – English is the second most spoken language in the world. Today being able to communicate in English is important to advance in the modern world. We don’t just help you cope with the syllabus but we make you industry ready with the best spoken English classes in Dubai. Grab the opportunity now. This course is most beneficial for housewives, mid-level workers, job seekers. We help every aspirer that wants to be self-dependent.

This is the best course in Dubai that you can find for spoken English classes in Dubai. The course is tailor-made for everyone depending on the skills, knowledge, and willingness to learn. Our faculty at spoken English institute in Dubai that specializes in these courses not only provides theoretical knowledge but practical exposure as well.

You might be wondering that why is English speaking so important? English has a lot of benefits. Benefits like:

It is the international communication language: Whether or not you know the local language but if you know English then you can get your work done anywhere in the world. Even if people don’t know English well, they understand basic English which is more than enough to get your work done.

It is the business language: Majority of the businesses communicate in this language. It is not the official business language but it’s official that businesses use this language.

Speaking English open a whole lot of new world: Not only in terms of work but also in terms of entertainment. English opens the door of the entertainment world for you. We have divided this course into 4 different groups/modules as per the need of the student. These different level of classification help in deciding which group you should opt for according to your skills set. These groups are

  •    Beginner course for the people who want to learn the basic language to get an easy go around everywhere.
  •    The elementary course is for those who wish to get mid-level jobs and have scope for higher growth rate.
  •    The intermediate course is for those aiming at lower to middle-level jobs in the industry.
  •    The advanced course is for those wish to achieve the highest in the industry.

Before giving admission to any student we take a preliminary test to decide what course the student should apply for. Depending on how you score on this assessment, the course is decided. What are you waiting for? Get enrolled now at best spoken English institute in Dubai.

English Course – Online and Offline

English Group Class
  • Minimum of 4-6 Students
  • 30 hours of training for each Level
  • Customized study materials
  • Access to online classes
English Private Class
  • One one One
  • 20 hours of training for Level 1
  • Customized study materials
  • Access to online classes
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