• February 17, 2020

In a highly competitive environment like that of Dubai, it is hard to stand out especially when you have so many brilliant rivals and competitors. However, this necessarily doesn’t mean that you can’t gain an edge over them. You can certainly beat the competition by getting PMP certified and showing that you are more qualified and experienced in project management than others.

PMP stands for Project Management Professional. PMP certification is a great way to display your knowledge, skills, and expertise in handling, managing, and leading projects. When you get trained from a recognized PMP certification center in Dubai, you get an opportunity to learn techniques that strengthen your profile for the project management role.

pmp training

In this blog, you will know the top reasons why getting PMP certified can be essential for you.

PMP certification makes your resume stand out

In the present scenario, project managers with PMP certification are high in demand. Having such a credential will automatically filter out your resume at the top when thousands of applications are received by an organization for a manager role. The recruitment department usually considers this certification as proof that the candidate has acquired the necessary skills to tackle the challenges of a managerial role, knowledge to complete the project on time successfully, and is committed towards personal development.

PMP Certification Holder often gets Higher Pay scale

Since PMP certification increases your marketability, being PMP certified, you can expect a good salary hike compared to the ones that don’t have this certification. This is possible not only in Dubai but also in other parts of the UAE and foreign countries because this certification is internationally recognized. So, no matter where you are looking for a job, getting this certification will help you earn higher in other countries as well.

PMP Holders will have added advantage in the demanding market

According to a report “Project Management between 2010 and 2020” released by PMI, around 15.7 new global project management openings were projected to emerge across several industries, including manufacturing, business services, finance and insurance, information services, oil and gas, construction, and utilities. Getting trained with a reputable PMP certification center in Dubai and acquiring this certification will be evidence to showcase your dedication towards your role and capabilities in the domain.

PMP Training helps you improve knowledge and skills

Preparing for PMP certification requires building knowledge in various domains of project management, such as initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing. Receiving training for this certification will help you articulate important aspects as a project charter. You can clearly define goals, resource requirements, assumptions, risks, and constraints. This clarity will help you improve your performance and efficient completion of the project.

The biggest advantage of PMP certification is that the knowledge and skills you gain through training can be transferred across industries and geographies when you need to practically apply them. It is not restricted to a particular organization or country and is widely accepted in all industries. So, if you really want to brighten up your career, find an esteemed PMP certification center in Dubai and get started as early as possible.