Infection Control Course in Dubai: Empowering Medical and Dental Professionals

Knowledge Point Institute in Dubai offers a comprehensive infection control course that equips medical and dental professionals with essential knowledge and skills to prevent and control healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). Our expert faculty delivers high-quality training, incorporating best practices and the latest guidelines. This infection control training course covers topics such as identifying pathogens, understanding infection prevention methods, and implementing effective infection control practices. With our interactive learning approach and hands-on training, participants gain a deep understanding of infection control principles. Join our infection control coaching classes and enhance your clinical skills while contributing to reducing infection rates in your facility.

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Course Overview

Infection control training is of paramount importance in the healthcare industry to ensure patient safety and prevent the spread of infections. It empowers medical and dental professionals to understand the causes of infections, identify common pathogens, and implement effective preventive measures. By acquiring expertise in infection control, professionals can safeguard the well-being of patients and maintain a clean and safe working environment.

There are no specific prerequisites for our infection control training program. It is open to a variety of healthcare professionals, including doctors, dentists, nurses, medical assistants, dental assistants, pharmacists, lab technicians, and allied medical practitioners. The course is designed to enhance their clinical skills and enable them to implement best practices of infection prevention and control within their respective premises.

Join our infection control coaching classes and gain the necessary knowledge and skills to improve infection control practices. Let us help you become a vital contributor to reducing infection rates and ensuring optimal patient care.

Our Infection Control Course Incorporates:

  • Proper Hand washing techniques
  • Understand his/her role within the scope of practice
  • Identify the most common pathogens in hospitals
  • Understand cleaning and disinfection procedure
  • Isolation Precautions and Procedure
  • Understanding patient safety in preventing and controlling infection
  • Identify Infection Control Programs
  • Understand the importance of Universal Precautions in preventing and controlling infection
  • Modes of infection transmission 
  • Hospital Acquired Infection
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Benefits of Choosing Our Infection Control Coaching in Dubai

Realistic Practical Scenarios

Engage in simulated clinical situations to enhance practical skills in infection control.

Interactive Learning

Participate in hands-on classes with instructor guidance and valuable feedback for a comprehensive learning experience.

DHA Accreditation

Our coaching is recognized and accredited by the Dubai Health Authority, ensuring quality and credibility.

Experienced Trainers

Learn from expert trainers who bring extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of infection control.

Course Completion Certificate

Receive a certificate upon completing the course, validating your proficiency in infection control practices.

Career Advancement

Gain a competitive edge in your career by acquiring specialized skills in infection control.

Mock Exams

Get prepared for real-world scenarios with mock exams that assess your knowledge and readiness.

Comprehensive Curriculum

A well-rounded curriculum that covers essential topics, ensuring a thorough understanding of infection prevention and control

Here are the healthcare authorities and institutions in the United Arab Emirates where our courses are recognized:


Dubai Health Authority


Ministry of Health


Health Authority-Abu Dhabi


College of Medicine and Health Science

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Frequently Asked Questions:

The duration of the infection control course at Knowledge Point Institute may vary depending on the specific program. Please contact us for more information about the duration of the course.

The infection control course at Knowledge Point Institute is open to healthcare professionals, such as doctors, dentists, nurses, medical assistants, dental assistants, pharmacists, lab technicians, and other allied medical practitioners.

Yes, Knowledge Point Institute’s infection control course is accredited by reputable accreditation bodies, ensuring the quality and recognition of the training provided.

The cost of the infection control coaching at Knowledge Point Institute may vary depending on the specific program and duration. Please contact us for detailed information about the course fees and payment options.

The infection control course at Knowledge Point Institute covers essential topics such as the impact of healthcare-associated infections, prevention and control measures, universal precautions, identification of pathogens, and more. The course includes theoretical learning, practical training, and simulated clinical scenarios to enhance understanding and application of infection control practices.