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About Knowledge Point Institute (KPI)

Established in 1995, Knowledge Point, a dual-permitted institute recognized by KHDA, UAE, is dedicated to providing top-notch training to students. Led by Ms. Poonam Koshy, our institute boasts experienced faculty and stress-free enrollment on a diverse range of courses. We believe in simple solutions for complex topics and aim to instill practical knowledge across all age groups. Our mission is to guide learners toward a brighter future, offering courses aligned with modern professional demands.

Choose Your Path: Caregiver or CNA Nursing Course in the UAE

CNA Certified Nursing Assistant Caregiver
GAQM Accredited CNA Certification
KHDA Certification
Healthcare sector under Registered Nurse (RN) or Licensed practical nurse (LPN) supervision
Diverse caregiving roles, from infants to elderly
- Certified nursing assistant
- Nurse Anesthetist
- Personal Care Assistant
- State-tested nurse aid
Professional Caregiver
Patient care, vital signs, medical assistance
Basic quality-of-life needs, patient liaison
Training Emphasis
Medical procedures, vital signs, equipment operation
Communication, practical learning on caretaking, industry exposure
Career Opportunities
CNA roles in healthcare institutions
Caregiver, Manager/Trainer, Scheduler
Course Duration
- 4 months for Regular Course
- 1 month for Fast track Course
- 4 months for Regular Course
- 1 month for Fast track Course

What’s Inside Our Courses?

Caregiver Course

CNA course

Why Choose Us

Global Accreditation

Gain internationally recognized certifications from GAQM and KHDA, ensuring your competence and credibility in the healthcare industry.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Dive into detailed modules, covering a wide range of practical skills and theoretical knowledge crucial for success in the health care field.

Experienced Faculty

Learn from Highly Experienced instructors dedicated to your professional growth, blending industry insights with practical expertise for effective learning.

Practical Learning Focus

Embrace hands-on training, industry exposure, and simulations, preparing you for real-world caregiving and nursing assistance challenges.

Flexible Scheduling

Enjoy adaptable class timings, accommodating various needs & ensuring you can pursue your education without compromising personal or professional commitments.

Proven success

A legacy of excellence, shaping competent CNA and caregiver professionals in the UAE for lasting career achievements, paving the way for sustained career success

Career Pathways

The Nursing Assistant (CNA) course opens doors to a career in medicine, from nursing assistants in hospitals to caring positions in Day Care centers. Our courses are made to help you advance professionally and provide a direction to your medical career.

Obtaining a CNA certification will assist you in acquiring crucial soft skills like empathy, communication, and critical thinking—all of which are highly sought after in healthcare environments.Your proficiency in other medical / nursing courses can be enhanced by the knowledge and abilities you acquire as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Our programmes are created to empower and direct your professional journey, you can unlock a variety of employment prospects, ranging from managerial positions to caregiving responsibilities.

Meet Our Expert Instructors: Your Guide to Success

Free Consultation

Connect with us for a complimentary consultation. Discuss your career goals, explore program options, and get personalized guidance on choosing the right training for your CNA or Caregiver journey

Enrollment Process

Secure your spot by completing our easy enrollment process both online / offline. Submit the required documents, and choose a convenient schedule and payment options. Start your transformative learning journey with Knowledge Point Institute.

Certification Exam

Upon course completion, prepare for success in the certification exam. Leverage your newly acquired skills and knowledge to excel in the assessment, marking the culmination of your professional training at Knowledge Point Institute.

Empowered by Knowledge Point

Frequently Asked Questions

Upon completion, you will receive certification as a qualified caregiver from KHDA .

Yes, you can enroll in multiple courses, such as CNA and caregiver training, based on your preferences.

Yes, we provide job placement assistance to support our students in securing employment opportunities after completing the nursing assistant course.

Yes, while studying you can work as an intern and if you are focused, dedicated and excellent in your practicals then you might get hired as a CNA by the same entity.

A certified nursing assistant may only apply for a license once they have completed eighteen months of continuous work experience without significant gaps in between.

After passing high school (12th grade) and receiving their CNA certificate and transcript, a student can continue their education in the nursing sector and earn a bachelor’s degree and become a Licensed Registered Nurse.

Certification as a CNA or Health Care Assistant is vital for demonstrating the necessary skills and knowledge required for patient care, ensuring a high standard of healthcare delivery.

The CNA certified nursing course fees at Knowledge Point Institute may vary based on the specific program and duration. For detailed and up-to-date information on fees, contact us at +971 5559 87624 / 25 / 26 or mail us at info@knowledgepoint.institute

The course fees in our caregiver training institute depend on the program duration and specific course details. For the most accurate and current information on fees,  contact us at +971 5559 87624 / 25 / 26 – Landline number – 04 262 4880 or mail us at info@knowledgepoint.institute

Knowledge Point Institute holds the distinction of being a pioneer in Dubai, offering nursing courses in Dubai for over 30 years. Our extensive experience reflects our commitment to providing top-notch education in the field of nursing in UAE.